WAGWAN's "wagwizzys" (slides) are made with EVA foam (Ethylene-vinyl acetate).


This material is considered eco-friendly because it is BPA-free and does not contain chlorides, heavy metals, phenols, latex and, other toxic substances. It is a safer alternative to products that use PVC foams which often carry BPA. It is also recyclable and reusable rather than having to throw away any wasted product.


Sustainability & social causes

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We must live in the moment, without forgetting to preserve our future. That's why every decision WAGWAN makes, has the environment taken into consideration. 

Our main focus is bringing more sustainably sourced alternatives to skateboarding. Primarily we started developing a pair of sneakers for skating made with eco-friendly materials and of vegan origin(synthetic leather, virgin rubber, recycled plastic, etc). Right now, for every product, we develop we try to find a sustainable solution, including our first line of clothing made with 100% organic cotton.

Our partners have to be eco-friendly and even our daily routine has the planet in our minds. Not only the main products are made with a positive conscience, but also the packaging.

Besides that, we want to support social causes, starting by opting to have our products be handmade by small factories in the north of Portugal.

We have only just started and we have a long way to go, but our efforts to help the world will always be a priority and part of the vision.

With that being said, WAGWAN does the best it can, and as time moves forward, our actions will positively impact the cause, even further.