Who are we?

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Wagwan comes from skaters, surfers, and local artists – board riding is our passion.

Since we were kids, skate and surf as both sports and cultures have drawn us. It’s this love and the consequent need to always be in that environment that inspired us to create this project. 

Being art students gave us the tools and knowledge to create and design products that translate who we are.

We aspire to be a concept inspired by the street culture, board riding and art movements - for those who want to work, in spite of having a job.

High quality and sustainability are our production’s priorities. Even though we're just getting started, two things can't ever miss: Firstly, opting for sustainable sources - helping the planet is no longer a choice, but our generation's responsibility!

The other is creating handmade products with no gender association designed and created for long duration and comfort, ready to wear by anyone.


We collaborate with artists, musicians, athletes, activists, and industry specialists to come up with products that are creative, eco-friendly and premium, to integrate a new alternative to the industry.

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